blue ocean beach

Seaside Restaurant is located in the same location as the old Cafe Warna. The restaurant sits in front of the relatively new Seaside gym, the place that is responsible for my huge ‘wheels’ and bulging ‘guns’. My sister-in-law told me the food was good there, so I take that as […]

Seaside Restaurant: Legian Bali

Blue Ocean Beach is a place that draws tourists and expats alike. The beach itself is nothing to shout about, but the easy access to Legian and Seminyak (location, location, location) and the array of place to eat and drink, means Blue Ocean Beach is always busy. While working out […]

Blue Ocean Beach Bali

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 August, 2006 : Surf Time Magazine, the original Indo surf mag hold the 3rd Annual Surf Time Awards on the 17th of August 2006, celebrating Indonesian independence day. This all day event take place on the Blue Ocean Beach, Seminyak.

Indonesia’s Surf Time Magazine Holding the Third Annual Surf Time ...

Friday morning I walked down Jl. Seminyak and saw the street was busy with locals and tourists. Cafe Seminyak and Bintang supermarket were doing a roaring trade and its feels like just the other night everything was closing up. The weather here has been cloudy and blustery. I know Nyepi […]

Day after Nyepi in Seminyak Bali