The temples of Bali are a significant part of Balinese culture and life. To visit a temple during a festive period is a magical experience for the traveller. There are temples, big and small, scattered all across the island but I have always found the mountain temples to be the […]

Five Great Mountain Temples to Visit in Bali

A trip to Kintamani is 3 hours, one way from Kuta. Some people like to do that on day trip, but others prefer to stay in the area and have a chance to relax, look around and try to escape the mad tourist rush during the day.

Accommodation in Kintamani Bali

A day trip to Kintamani, promises mountains, lakes, the chance to get out of of Kuta and see some of Bali. The reality of a trip to Kintamani is a 3 hour ride along main roads, parking next to other tour buses, eating lunch and the main tourist restaurant, overlooking […]

Kintamani: What’s the deal with it?