Warung Bento: Japanese lunch boxes in Sanur Bali

warung bentoWarung Bento is a Sanur eatery, that combines the best of Japanese and Javanese food. From the outside, you’ll notice a Japanese style place, with bamboo decoration and Japanese sign. Inside is seating room for around 20 people, with a simple decor.

The menu features a selection of bento’s including:

Beef BBQ Bento
Grilled Beef Bento
Chicken BBQ Bento
Chicken Cutlet Bento
Grilled Chicken Bento
Ginger Flavoured Grilled Pork Bento
Pork Cutlet Bento
Japanese Curry Bento
Capcay Japanese Bento
Cumi-cumi Japanese Bento
Fried Fish

All these sets are 30,000rp

Other items include:




Fried Rice – 15,000rp
Fried Noodle – 15,000rp
Capcay – 15,000rp
Natto – 7,000rp
Chilled Tofu – 10,000rp
Mixed Vegetable Salad – 5,000rp
Spaghetti – 30,000rp
Grilled Chicken – 30,000rp

A small beer is 10,000rp

Warung Bento is open from 10am-10pm, but the manager told me for a private party he can stay open till 1am.

Warung Bento
Jl. Tamblingan #27

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