Volcano Bar & Restaurant Lovina

Lovina always felt kind of dead to me in the past. The main drag a scattering of hotels and dive places, the warungs never that busy. Nightlife in Lovina was as far from my thoughts, as kangaroos in Kaliasem. Just a kilometer from where I was staying to the east in Anturan, was a German owned place called the Volcano.

This place is quite amazing. Security outside, a downstairs garden with bar, upstairs pool area and nightclub! Grabbing a beer and heading upstairs around 10.30pm, I watched local guys mess around on the pool table. The waiter told me the price was 20,000rp per hour for locals, but 5,000rp per games for ‘bules’. “What about I give you 20,000rp, so the local guys can pay for the table, but I get to play in every game?” I said. After some discussion they agreed, so for the next hour, myself and 8 Lovina locals had a good old time, laughing at each other’s mistakes. I bought 5 of them a beer, and they were great vibes. The weird thing was the whole time, a German comedy routine was being broadcast over the speakers. Sounded funny, I just couldn’t understand it, neither could any of the locals.




The nightclub opened at midnight and I went down half an hour later. Price of admission was 50,000rp for ‘bules’, and inside I observed the circular dancefloor, under a dome like roof. Kind of like the inside of a church, but with thumping techno. Sitting at the bar, I enjoyed watching Liverpool thump Fulham 4-0, Premiership soccer, seemingly available anywhere in the universe, the nightclub slowly filling up. Clientele at Volcano seemed to consist largely of Balinese locals, male and female. There was a scattering of tourists, again male and female. After about and hour and a half, I had to leave. Techno just isn’t my deal, and the smoke was getting to me. All the same, hats off to the people who built Volcano. Its like a ‘mini Double Six’ on the north coast, and for those who want to ‘party like a rock star’, here’s your place.

A large Bintang was 20,000rp at the pool bar and 25,000rp inside the nightclub. There is a decent menu also.

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