The Cat & Fiddle Pub in Sanur Bali

Southern Bali has a number of foreign consulates located primarily in Sanur and Denpasar. Anyone who has visited embassies and consulates knows what dull sterile places they are.

The one exception to this rule was the British consulate in Sanur which was located in the Cat & Fiddle Pub on Jl. Mertasari. I almost couldn’t believe it when somebody told me that, too good to be true? I thought.

Visiting the place many months ago I met the Honorary British Consul, Mark Wilson and his brother Phil. Checking in with them again, I found that the Cat & Fiddle itself, as well as the British Consulate have moved. The consulate has moved across the Bypass in Sanur, on Jl. Tirta Nadi.

When I arrived at the new Cat & Fiddle, Mark and Phil were sitting around the bar, and I got chatting with them. They told me that the British Embassy in Jakarta had directed him to move the consulate away from the pub for security reasons. The American and Australian Consulates are like fortresses and even though the pub didn’t seem busy it was an easy target for a terrorist. The new location of the pub, means a lot more walk up traffic, so hopefully business will pick up.

While I was sitting at the bar Mark and Phil’s lunch arrived, Mark going for the lamb and cheese salad, and Phil the chicken pie and chips. Hailing from Burnley in Lancashire they still retain a taste for the traditional foods. Mark’s salad is on the menu as ‘ham and cheese salad’, but he told me I could have slices of roast lamb today if I wanted. I did and it was great with lettuce, tomato, cheese, beetroot and boiled potatoes. This was helped along by a couple of cold Guinesses.




We chatted about English football, and I didn’t realize the county of Lancashire had such a history, with many great teams of past a present. I’m a Londoner, so kept that part of my identity in the background, although I did admit to being an Arsenal fan.

After Mark left for work Phil and I chatted and he told me was working out near Sukawati renting villas for Bali Masari Villas. After living in Jakarta for many years Phil made Bali his home 3 years ago.

The Irish music night is Tuesday and starts at 8pm. I have attended several times and it’s a good time. For me it was so much more enjoyable visiting a pub and sipping a beer with the ‘main man’, than lining up behind a bullet proof glass counter.

Cat & Fiddle Pub.
Jl. Camara #36
(0361) 282218

British Consulate Bali
Jl. Tirta Nadi
Tel: (0361) 270601 Fax: (0361) 287804
email: [email protected]
Office Hours: 0830-1230 Monday to Friday

Cat & Fiddle Pub
What is it?
An English style pub, serving, a range of beers, draught Guinness, lunch and dinner.
Where is it?
South of the Bypass in Sanur, on Jl. Camara.
What makes this place unique?
Cat & Fiddle pub offers an English / Irish atmosphere, English and Irish food, and Irish Music night.
Irish Music night is free.
Dress code:
Who would the Cat & Fiddle Pub be good for?
People who like the pub culture. People who enjoy an Anglo / Irish scene. People who are looking for a friendly place, where you can talk to the boss, and enjoy some live music. Older couples looking for a fun night out.
Who would the Cat & Fiddle Pub not be good for?
People who want a nightclub scene. People looking for a more trendy scene.
Driving time from Kuta?
20 minutes

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