Warung Gossip for lunch in Kerobokan Bali

Warung Gossip used to be a regular place for lunch but it somehow got off my radar scope. Nowadays Warung Mimpi is a stone’s throw away and is my ‘go to’ place. Located close to the jail in Kerobokan, Warung Gossip does some pretty good Indonesian food, including curried chicken, yellow rice, beef rendang, grilled chicken with shredded coconut and an assortment of vegetables. You really can’t lose whatever you have.

Today I decided to give it a shot and some of the staff still remember me. For lunch I had a piece of tuna in sweet sauce, beef rendang in thick spicy Sumatran sauce, nasi kuning (yellow rice) and veg. Sitting outback was peaceful as Saturdays are not as busy as weekdays. There used to be a rice field view which is now a brick wall view. These things happen and the food is still good. My plate cost 20,000rp. Warung Gossip is open for lunch and dinner, though I’d just go at lunchtime as the food is fresh. Closed Sundays.

Here is what Bali Eats says about Warung Gossip.




Warung Gossip
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