Poincianna Bungalows in Tejacula NE Bali-part II

The owner of Poincianna is a Balinese lady named Nyoman, who is originally from Kuta. After spending 20 years in Australia and picking up some western ideas and an Aussie accent, Nyoman came out East and bought land.

We asked her how the locals felt towards a person from Kuta setting up shop in their backyard. She said she had to be careful not to upset anyone and give money to the banjar. Nyoman is a super nice lady and should do well if she can get regular customers. Her understanding of western attitudes and Balinese culture put her in an ideal position. Nyoman said after 20 years in Australia she wanted to move back to Bali because the western lifestyle is all about earning money, rushing around and paying bills. She tells her staff that they really have it better living in Bali in the big picture, although of course their chances of making money are less.

Chris and I ate lunch, him a mie goring and myself a delicious babi kecap. I plan to bring Ika out here sometime when Jevon can enjoy the pool. If you are driving around the NE coast of Bali, look out for Poincianna Bungalows in Tejakula.




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