Poincianna Bungalows in Tejacula NE Bali-part I

Heading north along the coast traffic is fairly light, the road itself is only 5 meters wide in places and there is little commerce going on.

Chris and I were looking for a place to grab some lunch and spotting a sign for a Japanese hotel / restaurant, we looked for the turn off somewhere around Sambirenteng. We missed it but I spotted another restaurant sign up the road in Tejakula. Turning into the driveway I could see construction going on in a very nice hotel bungalow complex. This place was called Poincianna Bungalows and was located right on the black sand beach. A little piece of paradise is how I would describe it. The half dozen bungalows are all modern with large bathtub, AC, fridge, TV, plus there is a very nice pool. All the bungalows have double bed, making it ideal for couples.