Nasi campur stand in Seminyak Bali

There is a vast array of food here in Bali from all over the world and if you try you can spend a lot of money.

The good restaurants in my neighborhood, Ku De Ta, Gado Gado, Toscana serve great food but are not cheap.

On the end of my street Jalan Drupadi there is a little place that serves a very basic version of Padang style food. Padang is a city in Sumatra and is famous for its spicy food.

I hit this place every now and then not because I like the food that much but because its cheap. As the window says, you get rice and 2 choices for 3,000rp.

The guy that operates this place is named Rudy. He’s from Sumatra and can be found sitting here all day with his buddies chain smoking.




There’s a tv and they watch a selection of Indonesian comedy shows including one where 2 guys get a job in a hairdressing salon, pretending to be gay to enjoy closer contact with the ladies. Its all very Benny Hill and they love it.

The 2 choice thing is a bit limited firstly because there is not a huge selection and secondly because one has to be from the top row, the other from the bottom. The vegetable stuff is on the bottom. I went for a potato item instead of greens and paid 5,000rp altogether.

Among the good stuff is chicken, eggs, fish (whole) and tuna chunks. I picked a tuna to go with my potato cake.

Bowls of sauce are located on the bottom shelf and Rudy dunks your choice in it before placing in with your rice. I sometimes sit and watch the comedy if I feel like braving the cigarette smoke but tonight I jokingly asked for ‘nasi jalan jalan’…to go.

The walk from my house is 5 minutes and wrapped up in paper and a plastic bag the food stays hot. Actually the only hot item is the rice but everything is warm when I get it home.