Kuta shopping: Room for negotiation

Friday morning I rode down to Kuta and Parked checked out the shopping scene. Streets were quiet for sure and vendors lined the curb offering their wears.

For getting around town I use a little cloth Nike bag, which I have had for the last 2 years. I’m in the mood for a change, even though its been decent. In a bag shop I spotted a cool looking thin brown leather shoulder bag, with a flap top, just big enough to put an Alpha smart or a Mac laptop. I don’t want to walk around with a computer bag as its a bit geeky and sometimes all I’ve got is my camera and other small bits of gear.

The vendor asked 450,000rp and I laughed. The price came down to 400,000rp and crept lower. A black version made of inferior leather started at 350,000rp and ended at 150,000rp as I walked out of the shop. Down the street my friend Made has a shop selling bags an\d I saw the exact same bags there. Her bottom price on the good one was 270,000rp. I offered 150,000rp. The fact that a vendor will let you walk away is a sign they will make no money on your last price. When 2 unrelated vendors tell you the same thing about their break even price for something you know you are close to the truth.




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