Kuta restaurants: A great selection for any budget

Kuta is high density tourism. The narrow streets are packed with shops, hotels and restaurants. One of the best things about Kuta is the choice of food and its afforable price. Factors affecting price are the cost of the ingredients and the location of the restaurant. Rice, chicken and vegetables are cheap, imported beef and other exotic thing cost more. A warung on a side street has lower overheads than a plae of Jl. Kartika Plaza.

Bali Eats has an annual round up of restaurants. A couple of new places that are a hit are Buddha’s Belly on the Sunset Road, serving Thai and Vietnamese food . Kuta Galeria at the bottom of the Sunset Rd, has Pica Tapas Bar serving real Spanish tapas.

Right now many o the restaurants nad warungs seem rather empty. You will however find some surpringly good meals. For example, La Cabana on Jl. Benesari and Jl. Pantai Kuta does a great snapper. TJ’s on Poppies I has great beef tostadas and Kori on Poppies I is a classy place serving western style food.




For an adventure, look for one of the locals riding a bicycle calling ‘nasi, nasi, nasi’. These guys are selling nasi bunkus, pyramids of steamed rice, with either chicken, tofu, tempe etc and veg in a paper packet for 2,000rp. You can take it back to your guest house and check out of eat it down on the beach (you need a fork if you are not good at eating with your hands).

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