Fat Yogi’s Kuta Bali

fat yogi'sFat Yogi’s has been around for a while. This year it was taken over by Pedro, the owner of Flying Piano in Legian. Always known for its pizzas, Fat Yogi’s continues with this and the pizza menu is as follows.

Margherita – Regular 25,000rp, Large 32,000rp
Hawaiian – Regular 27,000rp, Large 33,000rp
Di Funghi – Regular 27,000rp, Large 33,000rp
Napoletana – Regular 28,000rp, Large 35,000rp
Locanda – Regular 27,000rp, Large 34,000rp
Romana – Regular 28,000rp, Large 33,500rp
Breschia – Regular 29,000rp, Large 35,000rp
Capricosa – Regular 30,000rp, Large 36,000rp
Quatro Stagioni – Regular 32,000rp, Large 37,000rp
Cicio – Regular 32,000rp, Large 38,500rp
Marinara Seafood – Regular 32,500rp, Large 40,000rp
Bolognaise – Regular 29,000rp, Large 37,000rp
Pollo Piccante Inferno – Regular 33,000rp, Large 40,000rp
Calzone Vegetarian – Regular 27,500rp, Large 34,000rp
Calzone – Regular 30,000rp, Large 36,000rp

Lot’s of great sounding pizzas there and you’ll have to swing by and talk to the maestro himself, to see what he puts in them.




Fat Yogi’s does an interesting menu that features Thai and Swiss dishes. If you are planning on going to Sport Zone, the upper deck sports bar on Poppies I for a big game, you might stop into Fat Yogi’s for a pizza beforehand.

Fat Yogi’s
Poppies Lane I

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