Ding repair Gang Bedugal in Kuta Bali

ding091305.jpgSitting in Gong Corner, the warung on Gang Bedugal, the extension of Gang Ronta between Poppies I & II I was checking out the small ding-repair place next door. For non-surfers, ding-repair is a place fixing snapped and damages surfboards. These places are all locally owned and will rent and sell used boards. From what I have heard the locals seem to do good work, they have been fixing boards for 30 years so I guess they've figured out how to do it. If you rent a board from these places realize it will probably snap in the small place sooner or later. These places in Kuta along Poppies II and Jl. Benesari are open all year. You can find ding-repair places at the main surf breaks too but usually only in the high season (June-Sept). The surf conditions start changing in October and people start surfing other breaks, leaving Uluwatu and heading to the east-side breaks such as Serangan and Nusa Dua.

Power surf shop, the one I checked out fixes broken boards for 300,000rp, big dings for 70,000rp and rents boards for 30,000rp per day.

Power Surf Shop
Gang Bedugal #23




(081 338351977)

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