Hiking the rim of Batur crater in Kintamani Bali: part IV

pan_batur081605_opt.jpgA local kid aged about 16 attached himself to me and walked me down to the orange groves. He showed me the trailhead was and I made a deal. Telling him I wanted to be 'sendiri' (alone) I gave him 7,000rp and thanked him for his help. Its always dodgy in this kind of situation. I didn't want him following me all day, this kid was almost tripping over himself to get in front of me, very frustrating. Giving money to leave sets up a bad situation for the next person so I made it a kind of 'thank you for services and questions already handled'. He left and I ascended through lovely orange grove to the top of the crater. Walking in a clockwise direction I passed through small groups of wooden houses and chatted to locals when I made contact with them. One of the coolest things was being able to look one way and see inside the crater and across the lake. Looking the other way I could see the north coast of Bali.

The narrow dirt trail was safe all the way along and I was never in any danger. The crater is actually very large and is around 10kms wide and 12 km long, that's around 95 sq kms, a large area.




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