Amed: What is it and where is it?

Listen to travelers talk about Amed and you would think it was the only place worth visiting in East Bali. The truth about Amed is that it is a small village on the SE coast not far from the village of Culik. The stretch off coastline that follows around south of Amed as far as Aas is lumped together under the name Amed. I imagine one day this stretch could be called The Resort of Amed.

The draw of this area is the tranquility, the quiet and the diving. The coast has many small dive operators and independent hotels. I have eaten at Komang Johns many times in Selang. My first trip was with Mick Turnbull from Australia. The Pavillion is very good too.

The beaches range from white sand to black sand and the coast is rugged. This part of Bali receives less rain than the western half and the scenery is stark.




The quickest way to get to Amed is to hit the coast road just north of Sanur and head east. That will get you to Kusamba where you will pick up the road to Padangbai, Candi Dasa and Amed via Tirtagangga and Culik. The Amed Hotel charges around 60,000rp per night and there are plenty of places that go up in price. I think the best strategy in this area is to hire a boat for snorkeling that is away from a main beach.

Amed and the coastline around there offer a quieter experience with a western level of comfort.