Agus Art Shop in Sanur Bali

agus080305.jpgSanur Bali has a decent beach and was really the first resort area in Bali. Sanur appeals to European tourists and is family friendly with good hotels, plenty of shops and places to eat and a lower stress environment than Kuta. I parked my motorbike at the beach close to the Hyatt hotel and walked along to the Stiff Chili bar. The Stiff Chili serves Storm beer and a range of food. On the beachside footpath to Stiff Chili I passed a small shop selling paintings. Agus Shop features work by Balinese artist I Ketut Teker who was sleeping when I arrived. His wife was arranging the paintings which featured traditional Balinese scenes of ceremonies, in vivid colors.

Ketut's business card is hilarious. As well as describing his paintings and batik, it says "I have bicycle for rent."

The beach front along from the Hyatt has a nice brick pathway that encourages strolling. Most of the vendors are hungry for business and although there are tourists here, they are not in the numbers of Kuta.




I asked Ketut's wife the price of one of the big ceremonial scenes and she said 1m rp. That price is open to negotiation.

Agus Shop
Jaya Kesuma Art Market
Jl. Danau Tamblingan #100
Semawang, Sanur
081 338 776696

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