Places in Seminyak for an interview or quiet chat

This evening I am hoping to interview Dallas Finn, founder of Bali Peace Park, about the gay scene here in Bali (won’t that be exciting!). Dallas suggested we meet at Poser’s Pub in Legian, the location of our last interview. My thoughts were this was not an ideal location.

Doing an interview, is a more intense version of having a chat. Its important for me to ask good questions and get answers. The best environment for me is somewhere quiet, with no distractions, no eavsdroppers (whether customers or staff) and somewhere that is comfortable. Poser’s Pub is crowded, noisy and you are elbow to elbow, with Mick 7 Maureen from Perth.

The best thing an interviewee can give me is 30 minutes of their undivided attention. Getting that can be harder than you think. I’ve interviewed people and had their, kids, animals, wives, employees, friends, cell phone, email stop them from concentrating. Very frustrating when the person’s train of thought keeps getting broken.




Here are some places I would not want to go for a personal chat / interview:

Poser’s Pub – way to noisy, too many people in close proximity.
Cafe Moka – You are elbow to elbow with every Seminyak expat. Might as well take out an ad in the Bali Adverstiser.
Cafe Seminyak – Seating is outside, so the traffic noise masks your conversation, but the traffic noise is too loud.

For other occassions these places are perfectly fine and enjoyable.

Good places for an interview:
JP’s Warung – in Seminyak. Empty during the day, with comfortable lounge type seating as well as table and chairs.
Seaside Cafe – in front of my gym on Blue Ocean beach. Fairly quiet, with the sound of the waves.
Starbucks – There’s not one in Seminyak yet, but there probably will be before long. The upstairs sections have inside and outside seating, ideal for a private, uninterupted conversation. Dallas and I will meet in the Jl. Legian branch in Kuta.