Pirated DVD’s affecting Australian economy

‘Affordably priced’ DVD’s, which are ‘creatively marketed’ here in Bali, are affecting the Australian economy, according to an article in the Bendigo News.

Bendigo, for those who don’t know, is where its all happening, its a virtual New York City of excitement. The latest craze is ‘Bali Parties‘, where stacks of ‘competitively price tagged’ DVD’s get sold at large discounts. The effect, is that local DVD stores, who rip the public off with their overpriced DVD’s, are losing money.




The Bendigo article does not say whether its arak, or Bundy & Coke that gets consumed at the ‘Bali parties’, but one thing is for sure, the distributors of the ‘differently valued’ DVD’s, do more to promote Bali, than the Indonesian Department of Tourism.

For visitors to Bali who are looking for ‘unusually cheap’ DVD’s, you can bargain and 100 for 10,000rp apiece, plus 70 for free.

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