Nyoman’s Beergarden Restaurant & Bar: Nusa Dua Bali

nyoman's baliNyoman’s Beergarden Restaurant & Bar is located along the strip of restaurants just outside of the Nusa Dua resort complex, on Jl.Pantai Mengiat in Bualu. You will have no trouble locating Nyoman’s, due to the huge sign outside featuring flags of the world. The person behind Nyoman’s, is German chef Andreas Menzel. An expert in his field, Andreas moved to Bali and has carried on his high standards, learned from years working in hotels across Europe, Australia, and S. Africa.

Nyoman’s menu is extensive and reads as follows:
vegetable curry baliChef’s Special Menu – including Nyoman Cheese Spatzle (with ham and glazed onions, served with side salad) for 32,000rp

Soup – including Thai Tomyam Soup for 29,500

Appetizers – including 3 Bruschetta (with tomato, olive oil and garlic) for 17,000rp

Salad – including Tomato Salad (with olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and onion) for 25,000rp.

Sandwich & Burger – including Steak Sandwich (served with French fries) for 37,500rp.

Pizza – including Calzone Pizza (stuffed pizza with tomato sauce, ham, black olives and mozzarella cheese) for 46,000rp

Pasta – including Spaghetti Marinara (with tomato and seafood) for 42,000rp

Try Our Best Local Steak – including Jumbo Rump Steak (served with herb butter and sautéed potato, 300gr) for 85,000rp




European Favourites – including Chicken Schnitzel (served with French fries and side salad) for 39,500rp

Indonesian Favourites – including Ayam Kecap (slices of chicken breast in sweet soy sauce with green pepper, onion, red chili, lemon juice, served with steamed rice) for 38,000rp

Asian Favourites – including Curries (prawns, chicken or pork) (traditional Indonesian curry sauce with mixed vegetable and red chili, served with pyramid of steamed rice) for 65,000rp

Balinese Food – including Soto Ayam (chicken stock with glass noodles, shredded chicken meat, boiled egg, shallot and fresh celery, served with steamed rice) for 34,500rp

Balinese Rijstaffel (4 course meal, with choices of dishes) for 99,500rp.

Chinese Food – including Pan Fried Chicken Breast in Honey (with red chili, pineapple and sesame seeds, served with steamed rice) for 39,500rp

Chinese Hot Plate – including Tumis Kangkung (fried fresh spinach with garlic, red chili and shallot, served with steamed rice) for 29,000rp

Special Request – including Grilled or Steamed Lobster for market price, Bebek Betutu (roast duck) for 99,000rp and Bali Guling (Suckling Pig) for 79,000rp. Special Requests much be made 1 day in advance.

Seafood – including 2 Steamed Butterfish (200gr) (in Chef’s special sauce, served with parsely potato) for 59,000rp

Asian & European Vegetarian Food – including Vegetable Curry (mixed vegetables in Indonesian curry sauce, served with steamed rice) for 33,000rp

Dessert – including Dadar Bali (coconut pancake) for 22,000rp

Nyoman’s Beergarden Restaurant & Bar is open daily from 11am-12am midnight. Talking to the staff, I learned the owner, Andreas is often in the kitchen, so quality is assured. My curry was delicious. Other restaurants owned by Andreas include Sendok Restaurant on Jl. Singosari in Kuta, Cafe Sendok on Jl. Legian in Kuta and Posers Pub on Jl. Padma in Legian.

Nyoman’s Beergarden Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Pantai Mengiat
Nusa Dua