Hospitals & Clinics in Bali

Bali has a selection of hospitals and clinics. Most district capital cities, for example, Bangli, will have a hospital. The best hospital in Bali is Sanglah hospital in Denpasar. For tourists, if you have any serious problem, you’ll end up there.

Clinics favoured by tourists include SOS International & BIMC, both located in the Kuta area. Obviously if you have medical / travel insurance you would want to go to a western standard clinic (BIMC or SOS), if you don’t have insurance those places are very expensive. I’ve been to BIMC to get my conjunctivitis seen to.

Everything is relative and when I say Sanglah is a good hospital, that’s compared to the other one’s here. If you need serious surgery and its not life-threatening, its best to visit a foreign hospital. If you have medical / travel insurance, you’ll be able to choose where. Singapore is a good close option.

Army Hospital
Jl. Ngurah Rai, Singaraja
Phone : 362-41543

Army Hospital (RSAD)
Jl. Sudirman, Denpasar
Phone : 361-228003

Bali Clinic
Jl. Laksamana 54 XX Kerobokan Kuta, Denpasar
Phone : 361-733301

Bali International Medical Center (BIMC)
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.100X Kuta, Denpasar
Phone : 361-761263
Fax : 361-764345

Bali Nusa Dua Emergency Clinic #1
Jl Pratama No. 81 Nusadua, Denpasar
Phone : 361-771324

Bali Nusa Dua Emergency Clinic #2
Kompl. BTDC Nusa Dua, Denpasar
Phone : 361-772392

Bangli General Hospital

Jl. Kesumayuda 27, Bangli
Phone : 366-91521

Bhakti Rahayu Hospital
Jl. Gatot Subroto II/11, Denpasar
Phone : 361-430270

Clinic ARH Laboratorium
Jl. Diponegoro 55, Denpasar
Phone : 361-224422

Clinic Blanjong
Jl. Sri Kesari 15 Sanur, Denpasar
Phone : 361-287250

Clinic Brata Bakti Polda Bali
Jl. Kamboja No. 7, Denpasar
Phone : 361-232205

Clinic Epiderma
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 80, Denpasar
Phone : 361-235405

Clinic Laboratorium Sanur
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Sanur, Denpasar
Phone : 361-289078

Clinic Mas
Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud
Phone : 361-974573

Darma Kerti Hospital
Jl. Teratai 16, Tabanan
Phone : 361-812359

Dharma Usada Clinic
Jl. Sudirman No. 50, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227560




Dharma Yadnya Hospital
Jl. WR. Supratman Tohpati, Denpasar
Phone : 361-224729

Emergency Dental Treatment
Jl. Patimura 19, Denpasar
Phone : 361-222445, 361-226445

Emergency Unit Ambulances Service
Sanglah, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227911, 361-226035

Gianyar General Hospital
Jl. Ciung Wanara 2, Gianyar
Phone : 361-943049

Gianyar Public Hospital
Jl. Ngurah Rai, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227911

Graha Asih Hospital
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 33 x, Denpasar
Phone : 361-764860

Graha Usadha Hospital
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto, Denpasar
Phone : 361-413988

International SOS Medical Clinic & Evacuations
Jl By pass Ngurah Rai 505X, Kuta 80361
Phone : 361-710505
Fax : 361-710515

International Tourist Medical Services
Jl. Pulau Saelus No. 2 Sesetan, Denpasar
Phone : 361-240730

Karangasem General Hospital
Jl. Ngurah Rai, Karangasem
Phone : 363-21001

Karya Dharma Husada Hospital
Jl. Yudistira No. 7, Singaraja
Phone : 362-24356

Kasih Ibu Hospital
Jl. Teuku Umar No. 120, Denpasar
Phone : 361-237016

Kerta Usada Hospital #1
Jl. Ahamad Yani 108, Singaraja
Phone : 362-22396

Kerta Usada Hospital #2
Jl. Cendrawasih No. 5, Singaraja
Phone : 362-26277

Klungkung General Hospital
Jl. Flamboyan 40-4, Klungkung
Phone : 366-21371

Kuta Clinic

Jl. Raya Kuta, Denpasar
Phone : 361-753268

Laboratorium Clinic
Jl. Gunung semeru No. 8, Tabanan
Phone : 361-819260

Legian Clinic
Jl. Benesari Legian Kuta, Denpasar
Phone : 361-758503

Manuaba Clinic
Jl. Hos Tjokroaminoto No. 28, Denpasar
Phone : 361-226393

Manuaba Hospital
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 28, Denpasar
Phone : 361-426393

Mengwi Clinic

Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai 46, Tabanan
Phone : 361-880550

Negara General Hospital
Jl. Gelar, Negara
Phone : 365-41006

Niti Mandala Hospital

Jl. Tukad Unda No. 8, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227220

Patris Usada Clinic
Jl. Waturenggong No.2, Klungkung
Phone : 366-23262

Permata Bunda Clinic
Jl. Patih Jelantik 50 X, Gianyar
Phone : 361-942082

Prima Medika
Jl. Pulau Serangan 9X, Denpasar
Phone : 361-236225

Puri Raharja Hospital
Jl. WR. Supratman 19, Denpasar
Phone : 361-222013

RSUD Kapal Hospital
Kapal – Badung, Denpasar
Phone : 361-427218

Sanglah Public Hospital
Jl. Kesehatan No. 1 Sanglah, Denpasar
Phone : 361-227911
Fax : 361-226363

Sanjiwani Clinic
Jl. Nenas No. 2, Karangasem
Phone : 363-22239

Surya Husada Clinic
Jl. P. Serangan No. 1- 3, Denpasar
Phone : 361-235041

Tabanan General Hospital
Jl. Pahlawan 14, Tabanan
Phone : 361-811027

Toyo Clinic
Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud
Phone : 361-978078

Ubud Clinic
Jl Raya Ubud No.36 Campuhan, Ubud
Phone : 361-974911

Wangaya Public Hospital
Jl. Kartini, Denpasar
Phone : 361-222141

Most of the western victims of Bali Bomb I ended up ay either SOS, BIMC or Sanglah, with serious cases definitely going to Sanglah.

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