Food in Candi Dasa

Staying at Flamboyant guest house in Senkidu, just outside Candi Dasa, I had an agreement with the staff, ocean front room, with no breakfast, for 50,000rp. I wanted to try new places to eat, and wanted a low price for the room, so it seemed a good idea.

Breakfast took place at one of the many hotel / restaurants along the main street in Candi Dasa. I got an American breakfast, which included eggs, bacon, fruit plate, toast and coffee for 38,000rp. It was okay, but I could of got exactly the same thing at Warung 96 in Kuta for 9,000rp. I know what you’re thinking, stay in Kuta if you want the breakfast deal. Fair enough, but I found the food in Candi Dasa to be very average, and the pricing to be a little bizaare. For example, one place I went to, wanted 22,000rp for an arak madu, and we’re not talking a 5 star resort here. I can buy a whole bottle of arak for 20,000rp.




There are budget options in Candi Dasa, and the restaurants know that most people are passing
through, from Kuta, to Amed. Its a quick hit, probably never see them again. Still, having the option of overpriced, average food, is better than no options, which is why Candi Dasa is an okay place to hang your hat, when exploring East Bali.