Candi Dasa: A place to be explored

My problem with writing stuff for Baliblog, is that while I have been all over the island, I usually don’t stop in the places I’m blazing through, longer than it takes to snap a photo. Overnight trips are usually possible, but then again, I’m just bedding down for the night and hitting the road the next day. Seeing as how I have some freedom right now (Idul Fitri and all) I want to get out to some of the areas I talk about, and actually discover new things.

So, in the next couple of days I hope to get out to Candi Dasa, in East Bali, where I can check out the local beaches, hiking and other cool stuff for you folks planing to visiting. Candi Dasa does have some crappy internet access, so I can get online partially.




As I’ve said before, in my opinion, Candi Dasa will be hot property 20 years from now (probably sooner). I see 3 stages in the developemnt of areas in Bali. Stage 1, virgin nature, Stage 2, shitbox (locals and foreingers building butt ugly, cement walls and buildings in unpainted grey blocks, creating a total eyesore, Stage 3 Luxury (knocking down the shitboxes and replacing them with something more appealing). Candi Dasa screwed itself years ago, by having the locals destroy their own beach. They were left with some tourist infrastructure, including a main street lined with empty guest houses and hotels. The good news for Candi Dasa, is as the Kusamba Bypass proceeds, getting to east Bali form Kuta becomes easier. East Bali in general offers a look at ‘the real Bali’ and with boutique hotels popping up, tourists with cash will perfer to stay in ‘paradise’ rather than Beverley Hills (Nusa Dua). Dayy trips are easy from Candi Dasa, and having been out to east Bali, one common theme is peopel looking for soemthing to do att night. When Candi Dasa steamrollers some of the crappy bamboo bars, and replaces them with a ‘DeJaVu’, tourism numbers increasing of course, Candi Dasa could be ‘the place’ for nightlife action for people in East Bali. It makes total sense, you have the lagoon, easy access to the road, plenty of places to eat etc.

Right now Candi Dasa has taken a giant step back wards in terms of tourist numbers. Hopefully some of my photos, will help people make the choice to stay in Candi Dasa overnight.