Ace Hardware: Kuta Bali

Expats living in Bali often need the nuts and bolts, meaning hammers, drills, electrical and equipment etc. The one stop place is Ace Hardware in Kuta. Today I went over to Ace for a closer look.

Ace Hardware is an American company, with branches all over the world. Their range of goods is extensive, everything from garden, to automotive to interior decoration. Here in Bali the prices are somewhat higher than they are in the US, as the merchandise has to be imported and shoppers have fewer options if they don’t go to Ace.

Ace is located in the Kuta Galeria, at the Sunset Rd and Jl. Imam Bonjol. Its building is one large aircraft hanger, with everything laid out in separate departments.

Here’s a few of the items and prices for each department.

Outdoor living:
Gazebo – 299,000rp
Weber gas bbq ,size large, deluxe with attached table – 11,500,000rp
Weber charcoal bbq – 1,567,000rp
RubberMaid medium cooler – 419,000rp
Tyrano mountain bike – 5,255,000rp

Other stock includes camping equipment, sporting goods (leather soccer ball – 59,000rp), swimming goggles (34,000rp), Pet care products and garden loungers.

Lawn & Garden:
This section has tools, gloves, chemicals, ornaments.

1 gallon of Ace Home Insect Control – 135,500rp
1 petrol lawn mower made by White Outdoor – 7.7m rp

This section includes paint, brushes, ladders and other gear.
1 gallon (3.79 liter) Ace Flat Wall Paint (Acrylic latex) 230,000rp
1 quart (946ml) Ace Satin Wall & Trim (Acrylic latex enamel) 85,700rp
Basic step ladder – 597,000rp
Also includes exterior paint and spray paint.




Every accessory for cars except the car itself.
Turtle Wax Express shine – 53,000rp
Prestone ATF Stop Leak – 58,500rp
Shell Helix Motor Oil (1 liter) 31,500rp

Krisbow safe, 380*350*360 – 2m rp
Sentry Safe, fire & water safe, A5846603*472*472 – 6.2m rp
Locker set by Ace, featuring 12 lockers is a 6 foots stack – 1,729,000rp

Also available are locks, nuts, bolts.
A regular rotating Master Lock is 77,900rp

J-Tech Double Open End Wrench Set, 5.5-2.7mm (9 pieces) – 272,000rp
Ace Adjustable Wrench (10 inch) 49,600rp
Krisbow 9 piece Ball Point Hex Key 45,000rp

Also available are tool boxes, trolleys, carts, pallet lifts, air compressors, drills, circular saws, hard hats, levels, tape measures,
Krisbow 600mm spirit level – 89,100rp

This section features interior lighting, flash lights, camping lanterns, ceiling fans, power strips.

Cleaning Supplies:
This section includes mops, detergents, scrubbing brushes
A 2.9 liter jug of Tide laundry soap is 191,000rp
Shout Stain Remover (650ml) is 57,000rp
Windex (768ml) is 54,500rp
Mop with head and handle is 73,300rp

This section includes cups, plates, vases, chairs, furniture, candles, picture frames, shelving, rice cookers, microwaves.

Kris microwave – 625,000rp
Kris stand up fan – 748,000rp

Also there is a large selection of Tupperware and dining accessories, air cleaners, irons, kettles.
Kris Dry Iron – 89,000rp

Looking at Ace from a 10,000ft level, I’d say most of there stuff is way overpriced, but it is handy to have a single place where you can come and pick up stuff that works.

Membership for a year is 100,000rp and will give you 5% off of everything you buy.

Ace Hardware
Istana Kuta Galeria
Jl. Patih Jelantik


Ace is open from 9am-10pm daily. Free parking available for cars and bikes.