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As far as tourism is concerned, Candi Dasa was a sleepy fishing village until it was discovered by the hippie in the 60’s. The village is laid out along the main road, with guest houses, small hotels, warungs and a few bars. Back in the 1990’s Candi Dasa enjoyed more […]

Candi Dasa: History

Reading through an account of the history of the Spice Islands, the name Banda come up. Indonesia is such a fascinating place, and the European conquest of the country, started with the search for spices. Banda is located in Eastern Indonesia, close to Ambon. A book I’m reading, about the […]

History of the Spice Islands: Banda-part I

The town of Klungkung is the capital of Klungkung regency, which includes the islands surrounding Nusa Lembongan. Most tourists don’t visit Klungkung, but it has an important history.

History of Klungkung Bali

Bali is a Hindu island in the middle of a predominately Muslim country. At one stage much of Indonesia was Hindu and the Majapahit empire, was eventually taken over , in 1515, by the Muslim Mataram empire. Why was Bali not taken over and how did it stay Hindu, when […]

Islam wasn’t sharp enough to convert the Balinese

When I arrived in Bali in January 2003, I set about interviewing Balinese locals, who were present during the bombings and the Sari Club and Paddy’s. Many of those people are still in the area, and I did manage to meet the husband of one lady, who was injured.

Bali bombing interviews

Bali has tens of thousands of temples and they come in all sizes. Often the larger temples, or pura, feel like a tourist trap with tour buses and drink stalls lined up or hundreds of meters outside the main gate. One of my favourite temples in Pura Luhur Batukaru in […]

Popular and less trafficked Temple sites: Pura Luhur Batukaru