Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Bali

Basa Bali (Balinese) is traditionally written in a script called aksara, which bears no resemblence to western script. Driving around Bali you will see ‘Matur Suksma’ (thank you) written on stone markers at the edge of a village. This will be paired with its aksara equivalent. You will also see […]

Traditional Balinese script alive and well in Singaraja

Most people in Bali speak Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and many speak some English. All Balinese however, speak Balinese (Bahasa Bali). In villages and towns across the island, kids are brought up in the family home speaking Balinese, later learing Indonesian, the national language in school, or while mixing with friends. […]

Bahasa Bali: Balinese

Some of the laws that get proposed, and often passed in Indonesia seem strange. The latest one to pop up, is the decision to make Malay, the national language in Indonesia. That seems strange to me, as almost everyone in Indonesia speaks Bahasa Indonesia, and a local dialect. When Ika […]

More wacky laws: Malay is national language in Indonesia

One might say ‘Bintang’ when asked what a Balinese drink is, but its not really. Traditional Balinese drinks include kopyor (coconut water) which is served with chunks of the fresh meat. Air jeruk is the juice of an orange, usually the small green skinned ones you’ll see in a lcoal […]

Balinese drinks