Bukit Area Guide

One might think that there isn’t really that much to see to the south of the tourist area on the Bukit Peninsula except for the odd temple and some brilliant surfing locations. But, there is a lot to see and experience. These days, unfortunately, the Bukit Peninsula is pounded by […]

Exploring the Bukit Peninsula – South Bali

Whenever I get a chance to get over to the island of Bali there are a few favourite places that I generally visit in the first few days to imbibe in some excellent cuisine. Kafe Batan Waru is one of them and so is Plengkung, both in Tuban. However, as […]

Seafood Tucker down out Jimbaran Bay

For as long as I can remember on my travels I have never imbibed in seafood cuisine that contained shark meat of any kind. As a scuba diver and an environmentalist, I do have a very healthy respect for these beautiful creatures. There are those that don’t considering them the […]

Shark Delicacies