Ubud Guesthouses

This morning I was in my shower at 7.30am getting ready to shoot downtown for a trip to Ubud. As I finished showering, the handle of the faucet broke, meaning water was gushing out, nothing I could do about it. After a moments thought, I carried on getting ready, knowing […]

Taking a trip to Ubud Bali

Having a kid changes your requirements as far as accommodation, both for safety and convenience. Ika, Jevon and I are staying in a guest, the Rahayu Bungalows on Jl. Hanuman , downtown. We have a single story bungalow in Balinese style, own bathroom, hot water, stove and huge garden. This […]

Families staying in Ubud

Bali has 20,000 hotel and guest house rooms, which vary from the very basic ‘losman’ (simple fan room with cold water), to villas to the ‘Best Hotel in the World’ (Four Seasons Sayan). In each area you have incredible choice and no one has visited every property. a while ago […]

Affordable accommodation in Ubud Bali