Travel Tips

How to get there (including how to book airfare to Bali), how to get around, where to find stuff and how to ask for it. These are tips from the local insider to make your stay here a breeze.

Nowadays the weather is very unpredictable, especially when we talk about November in Bali, which , technically, marks the start of the wet season. Depending on luck , you might experience hot and sunny days…or just the opposite. Still, it’s hot and humid. Don’t plan to do any mountain climbing […]

Bali in November

While Bali offers warm temperatures year round, December falls during the wet season. Although it’s part of the low travel season, many travelers come to Bali in December in order to avoid the heat during the dry season. When it comes to the budget, you can easily find affordable flights […]

Bali in December

Great news for the surfing fraternity and those lovers of watching surfing and related events with the Rote Open 2011 presented by Billabong just a few days away. For those who have never heard of Rote, the island is part of Kupang Regency in East Nusa Tenggara. Along with some […]

Billabong Rote Surfing Open Starts Next Week

Most tourists tend to avoid the local bus system but in actual fact, the bemos are a cool way to get around the island. The budget-friendly bemo is Bali’s main public transportation and every town has a bemo or bus station. The capital of Bali, Denpasar is the hub of […]

The New Trans Sarbagita Bus

Well, it’s on again and apparently scheduled for the dates October 14-16, 2011 and, for anyone being on holidays in Bali at this time then you are in for one fabulous treat. If the last Kuta Karnival is anything to go by then this year’s is definitely going to be […]

Kuta Karnival to Return in October

The most popular place for tourists on Bali is, without a doubt, the Sangeh Monkey Forest. The forest at Sangeh has a mischievous clan of monkeys and now it will cost you a Rp20,000 entrance fee to be part of the thrill of being crawled over by simians. The monkeys […]

Photo of the Day – Sangeh