Expat Health Insurance

Singapore is the ‘go to’ place for Bali expats, when they have a medical emergency. Locally we have a couple of good clinics, SOS International and BIMC, and Sanglah hospital in Denpasar for emergency surgery. If you need surgery and you have the choice, get on a plane to Singapore.

Singapore the ‘go to’ hospital destination for Bali expats

Many people dream of moving to Bali and finding a job. Legally and realistically its not hard. You can get hold of any type of visa you like simply by hiring an immigration consultant and the government does not come sniffing around individuals for tax purposes. The main problem for […]

Working in Bali

Motorbike accidents are something most of us don’t want to think about. I’m sure that after having a crash, one has more respect for safety and takes a different view of riding. BaliBelly talks about his motorbike crash in Bali and how he got fixed up.

Motorbike accident in Kuta Bali

Thursday Ika, Jevon and I went to Puri Bunda hospital on Jl. Gatut Subroto in Denpasar. We go once a month for regular check ups and immunisasi. This time Jevon got a Hep B shot. We have always taken the taxi, but since the petrol prices went up, taxi prices […]

Jevon is moving along well in Seminyak Bali