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Budget airline carriers seem to be coming as going as the sun goes down and rises. In an article I recently wrote about airlines to use for getting to Bali from Australia, I mentioned that Strategic Air would be a great airline to use. For those who have already flown […]

Strategic Airlines Flies to Bali No More

It seems that just about every day the government of Australia is issuing warnings about travel to Bali. Each one of course should be taken seriously. For about the umpteenth time the warning about Dengue Fever is one to take heed of. According to the article in the West Australian: […]

Serious Warning for Travellers to Bali

It’s a fact of life when you visit Bali that somewhere along the line you will end up paying a fee to get into a tourist attraction and even at major road intersections that lead to the aforementioned. Bali is one big money-spinner for the government. I have noticed that […]

Expect to Pay Fees at Major Tourist Attractions

Elusive and just as beautiful, yet endangered, the Bali Starling has been on the WWF list of endangered species for quite some time. The remaining wild population of this bird are to be found only in Bali and only in Bali Barat National Park. This stunning bird, known to the […]

Rare Bali Starlings Released into Bali Barat National Park

The situation with this entomological enigma came to rise when Candika, my wife, rang me last week and told me of the massive infestation of these caterpillars in Java. Having already swept through Sumatra and Java, the swarms of caterpillars are now in Bali and posing a threat to farmers’ […]

Bali Invaded by Caterpillars

In Bahasa Indonesia they are known as topeng and indeed there are quite a variety and colour as well as expression to be found in Bali. Over the decades I have collected around sixty masks from across the archipelago and, if you are a collector of cultural items then there […]

World Mask Festival to be Held in Bali

One attraction tourists to Bali seldom visit is the Mangrove Information Centre in Sanur located on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai at Suwung Kauh. It’s an amazing place with helpful staff ever-willing to answer all your questions and, in fact, the information centre is an education in itself on the ecology […]

Protected Mangrove Forests to be Robbed of Two Hectares

Lombok has always lagged behind Bali in regards to tourism. These days, Lombok is used as a stepping stone to the nearby Gili Islands. This doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do on the island. On the contrary, Lombok is an island of stunning palm-fringed, white sand beaches and […]

Will Lombok be the ‘New Bali’?

It has been some time since I last visited the Mother Temple of Bali; Pura Besakih. I suppose it was all the hassling touts and sellers that were a massive put-off, but nonetheless, it is one of those sacred sights in Bali that is a must-see for every tourist to […]

Pura Besakih to Clean Up its Image