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Bali is buzzing at the moment with tourist numbers at an all-time high and a lot of those tourists are Australians. This is basically due to the high Australian dollar on foreign exchange and of course the tremendous value-for-money holiday packages available from all airlines travelling to the paradise island. […]

Pacific Blue to Start Direct Flights from Adelaide

Australia is geographically located ideally in South-east Asia for travellers wishing to go to Bali. Out of all the cities in Australia, Perth is closest next to Darwin. In fact a majority of Australians holidaying in Bali seem to come from Perth. This is mainly due to its location and […]

Getting to Bali from Australia

One of the facts of life when you travel is that you are guaranteed to pay taxes on departure for any country and Indonesia is no exception. It’s the way the respective governments raise revenue. Travelling inter-island in Indonesia it is noticeable that the taxes vary from island to island. […]

Departure Taxes and Departure Cards

I had heard rumours earlier this year of Virgin Blue Airlines eyeing up the Bali market and now it is a reality and a welcomed one for all Australians travelling to their favourite holiday destination. Pacific Blue will begin flights to Bali from three Australian airports and to celebrate its […]

Pacific Blue Airlines Starts Flying to Bali in December