Learning To Surf In Bali

Surfing has truly caught on. Here in Bali I see people from Japan, the UK, the US and of course Australia ariving with their body bags, eager to forget about the place they come from and hit the surf. A recent articles in the Star.com has information on the surf […]

Give surfing a try in Kuta Bali

Saturday morning I did something I never do, I went surfing! Actually the situation was my young brother in-law, Brahma from Semarang Java had his first shot at surfing and I was the teacher!!! Pretty funny eh, me teaching someone to surf. Brahma is leaving today by bus for Semarang, […]

Brahma's surfing lesson on Kuta Beach Bali

Every high profile case needs it eccentric characters. The OJ Simpson trial had Kato Cailin, the Corby trail has her lead attorney, Hotman Paris Hutapea from Jakarta. Corby's Perth legal advisors smelt a rat as soon as they got here with the Bali legal team suggesting the best way for […]

Corby case brings the 'Kato's out of the woodwork