Scuba Diving

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Bali is a scuba divers paradise and being one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it’s only natural that it attracts divers from around the globe. As an island for diving, Bali is never disappointing in what it has to offer the lover of the depth. It [Bali] […]

Top 5 Diving Spots in Bali

As most of you know, coral reefs form large sections of the Bali coastline. These coral reefs are important for the marine habitat, providing shelter for marine life, protecting the coast against erosion and as a breeding ground for fish. Bali’s coral reefs contain a diverse selection of marine life. […]

Bali’s Reefs Being Restored

Not so long ago I wrote about the Seawalker located in Sanur and how it is a fabulous opportunity for those of you who don’t or do not like the idea of scuba diving. It is a unique diving system, fully guided as you walk down deep into the ocean. […]

Bali Marine Walk

There are numerous adventure companies in Bali offering a wide range of adrenaline-pumping activities. A few I have already experienced and I am looking forward to completing my list of crazy and adventurous things to do. There are the mundane and less adventurous activities like going surfing at night or […]

6 Offbeat Things to Do in Bali

I don’t generally put up other people’s writing on the Baliblog (nor do I intend to make it a habit) but in the case of a Baliblog Forum member, Phil Bromley, who recently returned from Bali, so impressed was I with his account regarding his stay in Candi Dasa and […]

Snorkeling and Fishing in Candi Dasa, East Bali by Phil ...

In the Gili Islands, there is no shortage of small local boats willing to transport you, from island to island and back to the mainland. None of boats has any kind of safety equipment and the waters around the Gili’s can be choppy. Regardless, they are a handy form of […]

Gili Island hopping boats Lombok