Car Rental

On the morning of the 27th, the weather was slightly overcast. Having a busy house with the pembantu, mother in-law stopping in, wife, kid, & friends, I felt rushed, but immediately found a car rental place (Bali Puspa) on Jl. Dhyana Pura open. Actually the guys know me, and told […]

Renting a car for a 3 day road trip in ...

Renting your own transport is the best way to explore Bali, in my opinion. This morning my friends from Oregon wanted to join our friend Palu, who was surfing at Green Ball, on the southern tip of the Bukit Peninsula. He said to meet him at his house at 8.30am. […]

Renting a car in Legian Bali

Bali is a relatively small island, which makes it very accessible. When you compare Bali to a place like Thailand, Bali has way more to offer people on a short term holiday. Both places have beaches, temples, mountains, nightlife and culture. The things is in Bali you can get from […]

Getting around Bali

Parking in Bali its not like in the west, where you have parking attendants handing out fines for illegally parked vehicles. In Bali you get away with parking where you want until someone else complains. In high density areas like Jl. Legian at Poppies II, you can park during the […]

Parking in Bali

Bali’s city roads and main highways range from the 4 lane Bypass, to single track potholed lanes, and having a car – no matter how modest – to drive on them can make the difference between exploring and feeling like you are on just another package tour. In short, BaliBlog […]

Hiring a Car in Bali