The Arts

Well, it’s on again and apparently scheduled for the dates October 14-16, 2011 and, for anyone being on holidays in Bali at this time then you are in for one fabulous treat. If the last Kuta Karnival is anything to go by then this year’s is definitely going to be […]

Kuta Karnival to Return in October

One thing I enjoy when travelling is attending festivals, carnivals or fairs. Not only are they a great way to experience the local culture and customs but there is always good food available! Besides, it’s a good way to meet people and interact with the residents. Bali, being tourism generated, […]

Two Upcoming Events in Bali

If you travel throughout the archipelago of Indonesia you will find that in the major cities there are often street marches. These come with the bands, finery and all the razzamatazz associated with a good parade. Locals flock to the side of the roads to see the various groups parade […]

Street Marching Competition in Bali

Bali, being tourism generated, has a lot of festivals throughout the year just like the Bali Arts Festival I wrote about in a previous article. A majority of these festivals are excellent for families on holiday in Bali and most are a definite must-see mainly because of what they have […]

A Few More Festivals in Bali

Starting on the 11th June and going through until the 9th July, the Bali Arts Festival will prove to be bigger and better than previous years. The Bali Arts Festival opens with its traditional Grand Parade in downtown Denpasar scheduled to kick-off at 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 11, 2011. […]

33rd Bali Arts Festival

I have always been a film buff much preferring indie and noir films to the regular crap churned out of the USA. I do have a few friends who are amateur filmmakers and no doubt the Global Social Change Film Festival will be right up their alley. Indeed, for those […]

Global Social Change Film Festival – Ubud

Always one for a good film and especially those of other countries, I inevitably get enthused when there is a film festival on wherever I travel and starting tomorrow in Bali is the Balinale International Film Festival 2008. This will prove to be a fantastic festival with over twenty countries […]

Balinale International Film Festival 2008

Indonesians are great people for putting on spectacular festivals and I have seen a fair share on my travels around the archipelago. Bali is no different to any of the other islands and they enjoy a good festival or two…or three or four! Coming up this month on the 17th […]

Kuta Sidewalk Festival

Numerous foreign artists have made Bali their home and created their own themes and styles in painting the Balinese and their culture and religion. Bali became an artist enclave for avant-garde artists such as Walter Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, Arie Smit and the most famous being Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur who married […]

Han Snel’s Retrospective Exhibition: Ubud