Starting on the 11th June and going through until the 9th July, the Bali Arts Festival will prove to be bigger and better than previous years. The Bali Arts Festival opens with its traditional Grand Parade in downtown Denpasar scheduled to kick-off at 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 11, 2011. […]

33rd Bali Arts Festival

In Bahasa Indonesia they are known as topeng and indeed there are quite a variety and colour as well as expression to be found in Bali. Over the decades I have collected around sixty masks from across the archipelago and, if you are a collector of cultural items then there […]

World Mask Festival to be Held in Bali

Visitors to Ubud usually end up at a temple dance. By that I don’t mean dressing sexy and grinding on the dance floor, I mean watching Balinese people perform traditional Balinese dances. On the main street, Jl. Raya Ubud, touts are out all day long, catching flies. I’ve never gone […]

Legong Dance in Ubud Bali

Bali is a Hindu island in a Muslim country. Here in Bali you can find many mosques (masjid) and churches. In west Bali there are 2 villages Palasari (catholic) and Belimbingsari (protestant), so far there has been no trouble between the 2 villages.

Balinese Catholics relate to God as Balinese

Bali has a throbbing nightlife scene (I think that just about covers it), with lounge bars, nightlclubs, gay bars and everything else you can imagine. For newcomers and even people who live here, keeping up with all the the changes is difficult. One solution is BeatMag.

Bali Nightlife: Check out BeatMag

Indonesia is the World’s most populous Muslim country. Everyday at sunset (Jakarta time), a Muslim prayer called Adzan, is broadcast across the nation on TV. Ika explained that Adzan is a call to prayer for Muslims. Entirely in Arabic, Adzan features a stern male voice, singing and then reciting. Some […]

Adzan: A Muslim prayer in Indonesia