Marriage in Bali

This morning at Cafe Seminyak, one of the waitresses invited me to her wedding. The way they do things over here sometimes makes me laugh. Wayan, told me a while ago she was getting married, but to keep it quiet. This morning, after I sat down, she slipped into the […]

Getting invited to a Balinese wedding

When I’m running late and need to pick Ika up some food, I know one thing that is a sure fire hit. Satay. Balinese say ‘sate’, which is no worries, because it sounds the same. All I had to do was ride down Jl. Seminyak, just past Bintang on the […]

Grabbing Ika some satay in Seminyak Bali

People come to Bali and its seems like paradise. The sun, sand and sexy locals, all sporting a smile and that intoxicating Balinese culture. Its enough to make a sane person lose their head. One of the emails I recieved asked if all the Bali boys were gigolo’s and could […]

Are all Bali beach boys gigolo’s?

Having kids in Bali definitely requires shifting gears, but it is way less hassle than I have been led to believe. A friend of mine in the UK told me ‘you have to plan everything, you can never just take off, the key is having a bag of baby equipment […]

Playing with the pembantu in Seminyak Bali