Expat Visas

Children of mixed parentage have been given dual nationality in Jakarta today. Indonesia’s citizenship laws are based on jus sanguinus, the idea that blood is thicker than water, as opposed to jus soli (as is used in the US) where your place of birth is used to determine nationality. The […]

Campur kids gets dual nationality in Indonesia

(This is the second time I wrote this post, my machine crapped out!) Land and visas are 2 of the biggest worries for expats in Bali. Tonight I had dinner with some friends, who told me that foreigners can own land freehold, and people married to a local, will be […]

Land & Visas in Seminyak Bali

Okay here’s the deal on Bali Business Visas. This morning I went down to Arjuna on Jl. Petitenget in Kerobokan. They looked closed, I mean permanently closed, probably moved location, and I’m not really that keen to find out where to.

Bali Business visa rules explained