Ubud Galleries

Ubud is, without a doubt, the cultural heart of Bali and it is here you will find some of the best art galleries and museums on the island. Getting from one museum to another or gallery is as easy as taking a walk, or if you prefer, hiring a taxi. […]

The Rudana Museum: Peliatan, Ubud

The Indonesian archipelago occupies an esteemed place in the world of textiles. Peoples of this vast chain of islands use a wide variety of woven, embroidered and resist-dyed techniques to prepare fabrics of great ingenuity and beauty. – Indonesian Textiles: Michael Hitchcock . More and more traditional textiles and their […]

Threads of Life

Numerous foreign artists have made Bali their home and created their own themes and styles in painting the Balinese and their culture and religion. Bali became an artist enclave for avant-garde artists such as Walter Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, Arie Smit and the most famous being Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur who married […]

Han Snel’s Retrospective Exhibition: Ubud

As most tourists who have visited Bali and travelled to Ubud will know, there are a prolific amount of galleries and one of the most famous being the Neka Gallery, amongst others. A stroll around the side streets and gangs will provide you with the opportunity to visit other fine […]

Silver in Ubud

Art and orangutans don’t appear to have much in common. However, for internationally recognized artist Jason Monet, conservation of the threatened primate starts with bamboo. According to the Bali-based artist, the more the arts, architecture and just about everything else from food to furniture uses bamboo, the longer orangutans on […]

Jason Monet Exhibition: Ubud

Last night Ika was telling me her mother wanted to visit Ubud, because there was a place on Indonesian TV, that a celebrity couple had been married. She had described it to Ika, but neither was 100% sure of where it was. “I will know the name of the place […]

Museum Blanco: Campuhan Bali

Touring the Ubud area, one will often find unique restaurants and galleries, in the most unexpected places. Stopping for a quiet drink / snack, helps to break up a trip and one great palce to stop is Gaya Fusion Of Senses.

Gaya Fusion Of Senses Ubud Bali

On the outskirts of Ubud in the village of Lod Tunduh, there is a sign on the road, indicating a jewelry museum, named Museum RUNA, just 500 meters away. I know there are a ton of places calling themselves ‘museum’ / ‘galleries’ and are just shops, with flashy display cases. […]

Museum RUNA in Ubud Bali

Ubud is a cultural center of Bali, a place many visitors head straight for, with the intention of enjoying the art, paintings, carvings, sculptures etc. Fiber arts are celebrated at a tiny place called Threads Of Life, located downtown.

Threads Of Life in Ubud Bali