Tuban Shopping

If you have a sweet tooth, as I do, then the shop located inside the Centro Discovery Mall on Jalan Kartika Plaza in Tuban will be your major destination whenever you visit the area. But, BreadTalk is also a diabetic’s nightmare and I feel sorry for those who have this […]

Photo of the Day: Diabetic Nightmare

Every town needs a Nike store and the Kuta area has one on Jl. Kartika Plaza, in Tuban. The Nike store is classified as a ‘semi-factory outlet’, even though there is no merchandise being produced on the premises. The Nike store is a clean looking place, brightly lit and decorated […]

Nike Store: Tuban Bali

Joger is a shop on Jl. Raya Tuban, that is popular with Indonesian tourists. Ika told me in the past her school group from Semarang bought t-shirts from this shop. For westerners, Joger doesn’t mean anything, we’re oriented toward Nike, Adidas, Billabong and Quiksilver. Ika told me that Joger is […]

Joger in Tuban Bali

Western civilization is on a steady slide back into the swamp. Part of the death of western culture, is the fact we have to much stuff to take care of, and so many things we ‘need’ that we spend many of our waking hours not actually living, but in pursuit […]

Krispy Kreme doughnuts come to Bali