Legian Shopping

Looking for cheap gifts for friends and relatives back home? You might try B&B, one of the shops I visited today on Jl. Legian. Situated close to the junction with Jl. Patih Jelantik, B&B is really a watch shop, that also sells handicrafts. Handicraft items include metallic faces of Buddha, […]

B&B: Bali Watch Center & Handicraft

Kubu Bali Shop is located on the point of the corner of Jl. Legian and Jl. Patih Jelantik. This leather fashion and tailor, is run by Nyoman Kartha, who was present when I visited. Nyoman had many women’s and men’s leather jackets on hand, as well as purses and leather […]

Kubu Bali Shop: Leather jackets in Legian Bali

Legian Kids is located on Jl. Legian, close to the junction with Jl, Patih Jelantik, the loop that comes around. Legian Kids has a range of bright colored kids clothing, that might be good as a gift for a friend with a young kid. The staff gave me a business […]

Legian Kids: Kids clothing in Bali

Next to Kaka Surf Shop, on Jl. Pura Bagus Taruna, in Legian, is Ianshen Art Shop. Although the sign says ‘handicrafts & souvenir’, the predominant product is drums. When I visited, both staff were in the process of enjoying their nasi campur, so I played with the drums for a […]

Ianshen Art Shop: Legian Bali

Kaka Surf Shop on Jl. Pura Bagus Taruna, in Legian is the place to go, for people who need to haul there gear around. By gear, I mean surf boards, snow boards, body boards, skate boards, guitars, skiis and drums. Kaka Surf Shop make padded bags for all of these, […]

Kaka Surf Shop: Bags in Legian Bali

If you like cloth shoulder bags and bead necklaces, there is a place in Legian that has what you are looking for. R.Diya, located on Jl. Pura Bagus Taruna (Jl. Werkudara, the street that joins the Jayakarta and Jl. Legian) has a selection of brightly colored, casual shoulder bags and […]

R.Diya Shop: Legian Bali

Waris Leather is a small local shop located on Jl. Werkudara (Pura Bagus Taruna) in Legian. The shop is immediattely recognisable by the manequins wearing snakeskin jackets and tops. Inside the shop I spoke to a young lady from Java who was managing the place. She told prices for ladies […]

Waris Leather: Legian Bali

Last year I wrote about the beach / surfing break at Jl. Padma, in Legian. For beginning / intermediate surfers, who are tired of Kuta Beach / Halfway etc., but like the idea of being downtown, Padma is a good option.

Guide to Padma area in Legian Bali