Kuta Restaurants

I would venture to say that a majority of tourists to Bali rarely imbibe in the authentic food available at the smaller warungs and road-side stalls. The answer to this is simple; westerners shun at the thought of eating this way and that’s understandable. Of course a lot of you […]

Try Some Balinese Food on Your Next Visit to Bali

The nightlife in Kuta Beach, the the party capital of Bali, usually gets cranking well after dark. Here you will find plenty of music, festivities, partying, dancing, and action! The limitless number of bars, clubs and discos in Kuta mean you’ll be able to party to the early morning if […]

Nightlife in Kuta Beach

After a 10 year absence from Bali having had these years in Yogyakarta, Central Java, I returned in 2003 to see many changes had occurred on the island of Bali. One place that particularly took my attention was the near completion of the Discovery Mall on Jalan Kartika Plaza. At […]

Discovery Mall Evolving

Funny how once in a while you get a blast from the past. Today while checking out places in Tuban, I wandered past the first hotel I stayed at in Bali, or at least, when I moved here on Jan 1st 2003. I remember arriving in Bali, loaded down with […]

Yan’s Cafe: Tuban Bali

The NC (Nagasari Club) is an impressive looking place, located on Jl. Singosari, in Kuta. Staff told me it is a bar / lounge / restaurant and that the place is only 2 months old, but the slump in tourism has affected there operations. Inside the place, a central raised […]

The NC (Nagasari Club) in Kuta Bali