Kuta Beach

This morning on Kuta Beach, the sun was shining and the tourists that were around were enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. Down at the bottom end of Kuta Beach, between the pasar seni (art market) and Jl. Pantai Kuta, is a shady walkway that is popular¬†among older tourists. I spotted an […]

A mirage: Kuta Beach in January

People taking a break on Kuta Beach might like to go for a spot of lunch, that is within a short walk. That is exactly what, Toby, Maya, Ollie, Asia and myself did today. The deal with Bali, is that on the busy main streets, rents are high, making restaurants […]

Ninety Degree Bar & Restaurant in Kuta Bali

Last year I wrote about the beach / surfing break at Jl. Padma, in Legian. For beginning / intermediate surfers, who are tired of Kuta Beach / Halfway etc., but like the idea of being downtown, Padma is a good option.

Guide to Padma area in Legian Bali

A recent article on VirtualTourist.com, talked about one guy’s experience on Kuta Beach. Kuta does have a nice beach for sure, and we are spoiled for location. It would be possible, if I was more of a water lover, to ride 1 block from Jl. Legian, park my bike, go […]

Kuta Beach hassles: How to avoid them

I have a large collection of sunrise and sunset photos and really didn't need anymore. However, a few people I know who were new to Bali wanted to see their first sunset over Kuta when I was there last time.

Catching a Setting Sun: Kuta, Bali