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I would venture to say that a majority of tourists to Bali rarely imbibe in the authentic food available at the smaller warungs and road-side stalls. The answer to this is simple; westerners shun at the thought of eating this way and that’s understandable. Of course a lot of you […]

Try Some Balinese Food on Your Next Visit to Bali

With the ever growing popularity and development of the Centro Discovery Mall and recently places like Geneva in Seminyak the older shopping centres initially built during the boom-times in Bali are less frequented by tourists. But, don’t wipe them off as they too are re-developing. I have never been big […]

NCC – Bali Galleria Mall, Kuta

The nightlife in Kuta Beach, the the party capital of Bali, usually gets cranking well after dark. Here you will find plenty of music, festivities, partying, dancing, and action! The limitless number of bars, clubs and discos in Kuta mean you’ll be able to party to the early morning if […]

Nightlife in Kuta Beach

Quite accidentally I read about this new eatery in a local magazine a few months ago. Dapur Alam opened in February and has been steadily increasing its clientele mainly due to the high quality of food and, I consider this to be the reason why it has become so popular […]

Dapur Alam

Indonesian cooking and methodology combine, in a popular local warung in Kuta. Warung Nikmat serves Javanese style food, which includes beef rendang, in thick brown coconut sauce, light curry sauces and plates of vegetables, meats and types of fish. Warung Nikmat is located close to Hotel Bakung Sari (along Jl. […]

Warung Nikmat: Kuta Bali

Western civilization is on a steady slide back into the swamp. Part of the death of western culture, is the fact we have to much stuff to take care of, and so many things we ‘need’ that we spend many of our waking hours not actually living, but in pursuit […]

Krispy Kreme doughnuts come to Bali

Bali has incorporated ideas from all over the world into something called ‘Bali Style’ That goes for interior design and gardens, but in a way, Bali is a mixer for other ideas, such a food. One of those imported ideas is the lassi, from India. A lassi is a drink […]

Lassis in Bali

Warung Max in Kuta, is located on Jl. Benesari, next to SurfTravelOnline. Its the same location as former Good Luck restaurant. Lunch today saw Toby, Maya, Ollie, Asia & myself head down there (they are staying in the guest house next door). Warung Max has a definite Latin feel, with […]

Warung Max: Kuta Bali