Kintamani Area Guide

Rice terraces are synonymous with Bali and the dominant part of the scenery. Rice farming in Bali dates back to Neolithic times. Bali’s steep mountains and deep gorges make wet rice farming difficult, so the Balinese have developed an intricate system of terraced rice fields, governed by a subak (water […]

Best Places to View Rice Terraces in Bali

There is nothing more delightful and enjoyable as getting on my mountain bike and just riding anywhere, whether it’s to get from point A to B or just for the sheer exuberance it gives me. Besides being an environmentally friendly form of transport it is also fabulous exercise. However, what […]

Adventure in Bali – Cycling

Indonesia currently has 16 or more species on the verge of extinction. A further 30 are classified as endangered. On the critically endangered and endangered lists are the Sumatran tiger, the Bali starling, the Javanese wild dog, the orangutans of Kalimantan and Sumatra, the Sumatran gibbon and the Sumatran elephant. […]

Saving the Elephants

There are literally hundreds of day trips you could embark upon on your visit to Bali, but I have always found it best to get off the main tourist routes and do some exploring. Recently I spent a few days in the north-east of the island. It is a beautiful […]

Travelling the North-East Road – Part 1