Amed Area Guide

One of my favourite places to visit in Bali on the east end of the island is Taman Sukasada; more commonly known as Puri Taman Ujung. Surprisingly it is a place not frequented by tourists on a large scale. This delightful place is located 5 kilometres south of Amlapura. Built […]

Photo Journal – Puri Taman Ujung, East Bali

Rice terraces are synonymous with Bali and the dominant part of the scenery. Rice farming in Bali dates back to Neolithic times. Bali’s steep mountains and deep gorges make wet rice farming difficult, so the Balinese have developed an intricate system of terraced rice fields, governed by a subak (water […]

Best Places to View Rice Terraces in Bali

I don’t generally put up other people’s writing on the Baliblog (nor do I intend to make it a habit) but in the case of a Baliblog Forum member, Phil Bromley, who recently returned from Bali, so impressed was I with his account regarding his stay in Candi Dasa and […]

Snorkeling and Fishing in Candi Dasa, East Bali by Phil ...

If you have been a regular on the Baliblog forum then you will have noticed of late there have been some inquiries and great answers regarding the best beaches on the island. The general consensus is that pasir putih, or secret beach, near to Candi Dasa is the favourite amongst […]

The Secret Beach – Pasir Putih

Driving Toby, Maya, Ika & Jevon around East Bali I had to weight up my options as far as accommodation. I like to go cheap when I can and I know Toby was concerned at keeping Maya comfortable, hoping for an AC room. Selang beach, on the Amed coast about […]

Accomodation in Selang Beach, East Bali

My friend Toby told me he was hoping to do some snorkeling while in East Bali. Thinking about our options, Padangbai, Candi Dasa and Amed would all work. I’d never go snorkleing in Bali without a boat, after reading too many stories of lone Europeans gone for good, not able […]

Snorkeling in Candi Dasa in East Bali

Walking around Kuta, you will see hundreds of places offering day trips. Virtually every hotel has a tour counter, offering the same thing. If you want to get out for the day, its okay I suppose, but you will not experience what East Bali has to offer on a day […]

Touring East Bali