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Looking for a tropical get away where you can make your honeymoon dollars go far? Then Bali is the perfect place to start looking. It is here where you can enjoy pristine beaches, luxury resorts, top notch spa treatments, and luxury cuisine for a fraction of the cost of other […]

Best Bali Honeymoon Hotels

In today’s world it seems as though everybody and everything is available online. Such is the electronic world we live in. Actually, it is great because you can secure your flight to Bali online and even book your hotel and then sit back without having worries if you are going […]

Rama Garden Hotel Goes Online

My friend Toby is out here in Bali from Oregon. I’m pretty much his tour guide (my bill comes later!) and with that in mind chose where we went. Having Ika & Jevon along, meant our range of options was somewhat limited. I don’t want to spend a ton on […]

Straight shot to Candi Dasa in East Bali

A pitstop made in heaven is too good to miss. Sanda Bukit Villas, just south of Pupuan, has been mentioned on this site many times, and today I visited while passing through. A mug of ginger tea and a large bowl of potato and leek soup were just the ticket, […]

Mountain pitstop at Sanda Butik Villas Bali

On my recent visit to Candi Dasa, a local told asked where I was staying. I told him ‘Flamboyant’, the name of the guest house in Senkidu. The cost was 50,000rp per night. He told me that in Candi Dasa you can find places for 50,000rp, 150,000rp, 250,000, 350,000rp and […]

Accommodation in Candi Dasa Bali

The Bali Barat National Park (Taman Nasional Bali Barat) has one very nice place to stay. Its called Waka Shorea, and is located in the middle of dence forest. The bungalows are on stilts, built in an eco-friendly way, without destroying the forest by clear cutting. The whole are is […]

Waka Shorea: Jungle Huts in Bali

Some of the large hotels in Bali make concessions to families with young children, with some offering extra beds for kids sharing a room with their parents. Tuban has many family-friendly hotels like the Discovery Kartika Plaza for instance. Tuban is south of Kuta and the closest area to the […]

Practicalities of bringing young children to Bali-part I