Budget Hotels

In the traditional sense of the word, there are not really any hostels in Bali. Instead, Bali has a huge selection of accommodations like guest houses, villas, and hotels that are so cheap there is no real demand for typical hostels. Since Kuta Beach is such a popular tourist destination, […]

Hostels in Kuta Beach

In today’s world it seems as though everybody and everything is available online. Such is the electronic world we live in. Actually, it is great because you can secure your flight to Bali online and even book your hotel and then sit back without having worries if you are going […]

Rama Garden Hotel Goes Online

The village of Kuta has changed dramatically since the first modern age travelers drifted in in the early 1970’s. Back then the small lanes running between the main street and the beach were just sandy tracks, complete with palm trees, cattle and crater-sized potholes. Getting to Legian meant going to […]

Where to stay in Kuta Bali

Bali has a wide variety of activities and items of interest, ranging from surfing, scuba diving, spas, temples, shopping, nightlife etc. Bali also has a whole selection of places with decent accommodation, whether the want the affordability of Kuta, the trendy locale of Seminyak, or the luxury of Nusa Dua, […]

Accommodation on the Bukit Bali

Driving Toby, Maya, Ika & Jevon around East Bali I had to weight up my options as far as accommodation. I like to go cheap when I can and I know Toby was concerned at keeping Maya comfortable, hoping for an AC room. Selang beach, on the Amed coast about […]

Accomodation in Selang Beach, East Bali

My friend Toby is out here in Bali from Oregon. I’m pretty much his tour guide (my bill comes later!) and with that in mind chose where we went. Having Ika & Jevon along, meant our range of options was somewhat limited. I don’t want to spend a ton on […]

Straight shot to Candi Dasa in East Bali