Seraya Shores Single-storey Cottage in East Bali

front_seraya_small_bungalow062304.jpgThe smallest cottage on the property is the central one. Single story with wooden floors, double bed a a very open air feel. Room has an open-ended rear wall, which backs directly out onto open-air garden bathroom. The open-air bathroom comes complete with a western style toilet, towel rack with large towel and sarong and uniquely designed shower featuring a Balinese man played the flute.

bed_window_seraya_small_bungalow062304.jpgNatural bamboo and alang alang roof, very traditional, short deck area with circular stone steps and 2 recliners. No fan but plenty of breeze afforded through bamboo rungs in the doors, open vents above the doors and through the open back of the room. This bungalow also has a large coconut tree going through the roof in an effort to combine with the natural surroundings. Deck area is comfortable.

Highlights of this room: It has some privacy being away from the kitchen area and has no one above.

Low points:
Deck area is smaller than some other rooms. Also has the smallest bed of all the rooms.




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