Sepir Private Villas & Spa – Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

Sepir Private Villas & Spa –
, Bali, Indonesia


Walking in I see a very quiet place. The parking area is accessed via a narrow alley and the hotel feels slightly off the beaten track and quiet which some people will appreciate.

The small reception area to the left side is staffed by one lady. There is plenty of space in the parking area which looks new. The hotel has only been open for 2 years and the main courtyard is accessed through a kori agung which is a Balinese stone gateway, decorated with traditional umbrellas.

I noticed the well kept gardens surrounding the large, central swimming pool. Vegetation is tropical and large with palms and banana trees.

The swimming pool has a pleasant aqua-marine color and has the drop-pool effect all round. The sound of flowing water around the pool is relaxing. Around the pool is a traditional bale for reclining and a circular wooden deck, complete with lounge chairs and a small pavilion structure with a table a chairs.

At the back of the garden is the restaurant which is open form 7am – 11pm. An American breakfast costs 42,500rp, nasi goreng 52,500rp and fish & chips 57,500rp.

Rooms have high bamboo ceilings and feel traditional, luxurious and comfortable. Not overly decorated but have simple elegance. Natural materials have been used and the high bamboo / alang-alang ceilings and dark hardwood floors are something a visitor from overseas will love.

Rooms are well equipped with telephone, CD, VCD player, mini- bar and AC. Bathrooms are large and have access to the private splash pool. Bathtubs are oval and large.

Bamboo shutters can be rolled down for total privacy.

This location is on a busy road which is a negative. Without the traffic noise it would be better. The area around the hotel is very local and several houses down someone is keeping roosters.

For a couple looking for a place off of the main tourist route, that is quiet and has a traditional style of luxury this might work.

The Sepir Private Villas & Spa are located on busy Jl. Raya Uluwatu II in Jimbaran. From the airport the drive will take you about 10 minutes making this very handy for someone needing to maximize their holiday time.

The hotel is down a narrow driveway in between the beach and the Bypass. Could be a little hard to find, just remember its Jl. Uluwatu II.

Jimbaran itself has a typical Balinese village scene, with fishing boats, shops and fish market. There are also some fancy hotels close by including the Four Seasons.




Accessing the surfing beaches on the Bukit peninsula is easy from here, a simple 10 minute drive up to the main part of the Bukit and then dropping down to the beach of your choice. For swimmers Dreamland beach would be the one to go for. The closest decent beach is probably Nusa Dua which is accessed via the Bypass and is 10-15 minutes away.

There is not too much nightlife in the Jimbaran area so getting to Kuta will take you around 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.

The hotel is accessed via a narrow driveway giving the feeling of small. Independent place that is not busy. The parking area is neat and to the left side is the reception area. The immediate impression is that the place feels new, is guest-house size and is high quality.

The style in modern / Balinese which is not entirely unique, but this place is well finished and the feeling is one of quiet luxury in a traditional setting.

There is just one receptionist and the place feels very personal. Passing through a kori agung (stone gateway) there is a modern swimming pool. The drop-edges and the sound of the running water add to the feeling of a place away from home and relaxation. The single-storey villas are arranged around the pool in lush tropical gardens that are well kept and contain some big leaf trees like banana and palm. The overall feeling is one of relaxation.

The villas are in a semi modern / Balinese style with bamboo / alang-alang roof and hardwood floors. They are tropical, modern, spacious and somewhat luxurious.

The villas feel like a luxurious cottage out in Karangasem might feel. The natural woods, bamboo for the roof and to decorate the cabinets, hardwood floors and grass roof.

Staff Friendliness:
The staff at the Sepir seemed okay. I was shown around by a fellow from Padangbai who has worked at the hotel for 2 years.

Receptionist was polite.

Weird Stuff:
The brochure says the restaurant is open 24 hours but I asked the chef and he said its 7am–11pm. The hotel brochure has prices for meals that are double the actual price listed on the hotel menu.

What makes this place unique:
This hotel is unique because of the location and its design. Set in Jimbaran it is slightly away from the main tourist centers of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, but has excellent access to the airport and is between Kuta and the Bukit meaning surfers or those wanting to access the Bukit will love it.

Why would you stay here:
I would stay here if I wanted a very nice private cottage with a good luxury level. Ideal for a honeymoon couple, the Sepir might also work for an older couple looking for comfort without the large scale hubbub of a big hotel. The family President Suite would be good for a family.

I would also stay here if I Wanted to be equidistant from Nusa Dua and Kuta with immediate access to the Bukit.

Why would you stay somewhere else:
If I needed more features of a big hotel, gym, 5 restaurants, business center etc. I would stay elsewhere. If I needed to be in the center of the shopping, beach, nightlife action I would stay in Kuta / Legian / Seminyak.

Each thatched roof villa has a large 4-poster bed with elegant mosquito nets and decoration. Each villa has an open-air bathroom with large oval bath tub, hot water, A/C, cable TV, VCD & CD player, Mini Bar, IDD telephone, coffee maker and safety box. Balconies are wide. Junior & Presidential Suites have a private plunge pool.

The large stone-based swimming pool is surrounded by lush garden. The restaurant is open from 7am–11pm. Massage and beauty treatment is available.

How do the rooms feel:
The rooms feel great. Spacious, dark hardwood floors, high natural bamboo and alang-alang ceilings, which have a glass divider keeping the bedroom cool in air-conditioned comfort. Furniture and decoration is simple and tasteful. Large beds with decorative mosquito nets add to the tropical feel. The modern conveniences of TV, VCD and spacious bathroom with large bat tub mean relaxing is something that is super easy to do.

Proximity to the action:
The Sepir is not within walking distance to western type shopping or nightlife. The shopping of Kuta / Legian is a 10-15 minute drive. The nightlife action is in Kuta / Legian / Seminyak too. Jimbaran Bay is a great place to enjoy fish under the stars.

Nusa Dua beach and golf course are 15 minutes away.

Noise levels:
Close proximity to Jl. Uluwatu II mean constant traffic noise during the day. This might be distracting for those people wanting total quiet next to the pool.

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